The SECURE Steps to Success:

*When you follow these steps, you will SUCCEED and make money…

  1. Attend ALL Secure Events *check the Events page for more information
  2. Watch ALL Secure Training Videos *check the Media page for more information
  3. Buy HOT Quality Leads Consistently * to order leads, click HERE
  4.  Use OUR Online, Proven Sales Scripts to Set Appointments
  5. Door Knock your Unreachable Leads 
  6. Run Appointments using our 4-Step Appointment Process
  7. Make 3+ Sales per week
  8. Repeat STEPS 1-7…

Focus on Self-Improvement, Hard Work, Consistency, and Running 5+ Appointments per week

However, to succeed at a very HIGH level and earn $100,000+ per year, you need to Consistently Run 10+ Appointments per week!

Happy Selling!!!